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• The HFA 740ie - the advanced system in automated perimetry with numerous threshold and screening test strategies as well as special tests, Goldmann stimulus sizes I-V.

• 740ie is equipped with advanced new HFA version.4.1 software

• Fast testing strategies like FASTPAC and SITA (optional).

• With touch-screen, motorized chin rest, video eye monitor, gazetracking and Heijl-Krakau blind spot monitor.

• SITA™ SWAP software reduces blue-yellow threshold test time to just 3 to 6 minutes, providing a clinically practical tool for early glaucoma detection.

• STATPAC analysis software.

• GPA Software (Glaucoma Progression Analysis)

        Details of HFAII 740ie

HFA has the widest range of testing protocols on any perimeter.

The Gold Standard
Validated by decades of research and clinical experience, HFA is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management. With HFA you can feel confident you're providing the best possible care for your patients.

Confident glaucoma detection
In just 3 to 6 minutes–a third of the time of previous tests–new SITA SWAP™ software and the HFA make blue-yellow threshold testing a clinically practical tool for early detection of glaucoma.

Confident glaucoma management
Glaucoma Progression Analysis software provides advanced, accurate progression analysis for better glaucoma management. It helps quantify the likelihood of progression and identify high-risk patients.

GPA accurately identifies significant progression and simplifies interpretation of exam results with plain-language explanations.

GPA is based on detailed empirical knowledge of the variability found at all stages of glaucomatous visual field loss through information acquired in extensive multi-center clinical trials worldwide.

Fast, reliable testing with no compromise in accuracy
STATPAC™, the language of perimetry, compares results to clinically validated, world class, proprietary age-normative and glaucoma databases.

HFA has the widest range of testing protocols on any perimeter. And the ergonomic design promotes maximum comfort , patient wheel chair access and versatility.